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Welcome to Radha Krishna Dolls of Love

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NEW Dolls added December 2016. Pastime Puppet Dolls! Radha, Krishna, and Monkey friend! (Topsy turvy) Upside down toy doll (3 Dolls in one!) Check them out. Scroll to the bottom right of the store page to find this doll. Also a new Mini Ganesh, you can find him at the bottom left in the store.
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Our Dolls are for everyone:
We make these dolls for people of all ages - from new born babies to grandparents and everyone in between. Our goal is to connect you to Krishna and his associates in a personal way- by praying to, hugging, talking to, caring for, crying with, and even taking shelter of these dolls. How much I wish I had a Krishna doll when I was growing up to share my feelings. I invite you all to experience how fulfilling it is to interact with our Dolls of Devotion. They include Radha and Krishna , both smiling and angry Nrisimhadevas, Jagannatha, and many more. Pictured above left is our very popular Hanuman doll in brown or grey. Next to them is our all time favorite Ganesh.


Goura Nitai