Large Krishna

Sri Krishna

Sri Krishna is the original supreme personality of godhead and the supreme father mentioned in all the
revealed scriptures. He is the origin of everything, He is all pervading, and He possesses the inconceivable *six
opulences completely and in full. Sri Krishna is the beloved of Sri Radha and the possessor of all potencies. His
beautiful form is the concentrated existence of knowledge and bliss. Sri Krishna’s attire, ornaments, and love
laden jolly pastimes are all forever fresh and new, and his form is supremely attractive. His face is very lovely and
His elongated eyes are like a fully bloomed lotus. His locks of curling black hair are adorned with a brilliant
peacock feather. From his nose hangs an elephant shape pearl and his bodily complexion is more beautiful than a
fresh rain cloud. Decorating his waist are yellow silk garments which embrace his hips. Enchanting all the minds
of all the living entities, Sri Krishna engages in playful and charming pastimes. When Sri Krishna plays he is
always surrounded by His friends who give Him happiness with their joking words. The rays of light emanating
from His play garden, Sri Vrindavana, defeat the gardens of the heavenly planets. Sometimes he herds the cows
and plays with his cowherd boyfriends on the bank of the river Yamuna. At other times he kills the demons like
Kamsa and Vatsasura in order to show them his mercy and restore peace by removing their demonic nature. On
one occasion he smashed the pride of King Indra, the King of heaven, thus showing him His position as the
Supreme Personality of Godhead. Sri Krishna is worshiped daily with obeisances by the lords of the various
planets, and, although He Himself is the hero of unlimited universes, He daily worships His elders and shows
compassion and respect to all. Moreover, he is the eternal well-wisher of all the living entities and he is especially
merciful to his devotees.
* The six opulences are wealth, strength, fame, beauty, knowledge, and renunciation. The lord posses these
qualities to the complete utmost.

Large Krishna
22 inches tall...