Large Lalita

Sri Lalita

Sri Lalita is one of the eight principle sakhis (intimate girlfriends of Radha). Lalita is twenty seven days older than Radharani and her beautiful face mocks the brilliance of the full moon. She is charmingly endowed with many grand qualities and is always immersed in the ocean of love. She is very beautiful and sweet, and at the same timevery sober and composed. Her heart is so sweet that she attracts the hearts of all others, and she is also “pragalbha”, which means she can speak harsh words that enhance and enable Sri Radha and Krishna’s pastimes
by controlling them both.
Sri Lalita has natural expertise in all arts, thus she is able to serve the divine couple Sri Radha-Krishna and she is the first attendant. Her specific quality is that she is very expert in applying make-up, and especially in arranging the hair decoration of Srimati Radhika. Although all the eight principle sakhis are very famous for putting on the bodily decorations and applying the make-up of Srimati Radhika, Lalita and Visakha are the most expert. Moreover, of these two, Lalita is considered the most proficient. While applying kajal, black eyeliner, Lalita and others remind Srimati Radhika of Her previous pastimes with Sri Krsna. For example, one time Sri Radha was going out to meet Sri Krishna and she forgot to put kajal on one of Her eyes. Upon Her arrival Sri Krishna himself applied the kajal on her other eye. Such pastimes are brought to the attention of Srimati Radhika at the time of putting on Her make-up, and in such a way Her mood of bringing pleasure to Krsna is enhanced.
The mood of Lalita is that she is always favorable towards the pastimes of Radha and Krishna. She engages in millions upon millions of endeavors to please Them, and to serve the droplets of Their activities. When Radha and Krishna meet and engage in amorous pastimes, Lalita wipes away the droplets of perspiration on Their lotus feet.
This means that she is engaged day and night in the service of Their sweet pastimes and is perpetually immersed in her undivided absorption in fulfilling the heart's desire of her intimate friend Srimati Radhika by enhancing their mellows by all means.

Large Lalita
21 inches tall...