Mallika (daughter), age 19 says: To anyone who has sleeping problems, I encourage you to get a Nrisimhadeva Doll. For years I struggled with fear. I had nightmares so it would take me hours to fall asleep. The Nrisimhadeva Dolls my mother made helped me to feel secure and protected. I was able to overcome many of my fears. I am glad to know that the children that have my mothers dolls are so happy. My mother and Grandmother have continued their service for what it seems my whole life. I know that Krishna is very pleased with their service.

Mohini Murti

Mohini Murti(daughter), age 16 says: My favorite doll has always been my Radharani doll. When I was little she always gave me the feeling of comfort and protection. I would carry her around everywhere I could. In a sense she was like another mother or friend. When my mother couldn't be there to comfort me she always gave me that security a child needs. I loved the experience of having her and hope that other children will have the same experience too.

Krsna Dhama

Krsna Dhama from Alachua says: I recently bought a Nrisimhadeva doll for my daughter Krishangi. Growing up, I had seen lots of children with them, but had never had a chance to own one myself. I knew that I wanted my children to grow up playing with such dolls. A lot of children that I had seen with the dolls had them nicely on stands. I wanted my daughter to be able to interact daily with her Nrisimhadeva, so I decided not to get a stand. My daughter has developed a very special relationship with her Nrisimhadeva doll. She won't sleep or travel without Him. Once, we were going on a family vacation, and, half-an-hour into the trip, she remembered that she had forgotten Him. She flipped out and made us turn around to get Him. Thank God we were only half-an-hour away! She also has a rigid schedule for her Nrisimhadeva, including getting up, feeding, playing, going to school, and going to sleep. He takes naps during the day too. While He is napping, she guards against anyone making too much noise that might wake Him up.. When we tried to explain to her that Nrisimhadeva is not a baby, she replied, "Well, He isn't any different from Damodara" . I can go on forever talking about her rasa with him.
I feel, and I can speak for my daughter as well, that her Nrsimhadeva doll has been the best gift she has ever gotten. I plan to buy more such dolls for her and for my new son. I like seeing my children growing up with Krishna conscious dolls. It beats any stuffed Disney character doll.

Syamalangi Devi Dasi

Syamalangi Devi Dasi says : Congratulations! It is a beautiful way to engage our children. My experience with the Krishna Dolls, is very interesting. My daughter has established a devotional relationship with her dolls.
Thank You for your dedication in this project that helps with the spiritual education of our children.

Vaishnavi Devi Dasi

Vaishnavi Devi Dasi says: At one festival, my son was drawn to Rukmini's beautiful devotional table and was spell bound .when he saw a Lord Nrisimhadeva doll he immediately held Him and begged me to bring Him home. Since I got the doll of the Lord for him he has been chanting Lord Nrisimhadeva's prayers about 5 times a day, shows him to whomever comes to the house and talks of His pastimes continuously. This is the best thing I could ever do to fan the flame of his natural love for the Lord in this form. I am ever-grateful to Rukmini Devi for this valuable service which fosters the growth of bhakti within the heart of our devotee children in a way that is natural and easy for them. Thank You.

Amina Boussemha

Amina Boussemha age 8, Alachua FL says: When I first got the Gaura Nitai dolls I felt happy. They are very beautiful. They are nice to play with. With the new Prabhupada doll we played like Prabhupada was here and that he was chanting Jaya Radha Madhava and that he was giving class. Thank you mother Rukmini for making these dolls.


Syama, age 20 says: I have childhood memories dressed as a gopi cooking for my baby Krishna Doll. There have been times where I have been so sick in bed, with him laying by my side, knowing that Krishna is always with me. Twelve years later and my baby Krishna Doll still sleeps next to me.