Large Vrinda

Sri Vrinda Devi

Sri Vrinda Devi is a very dear sakhi (girlfriend) of Radha and Krishna. She is the queen of the beautiful land Vrindavana which is named after her. All of Vrindavana was the property of Vrinda, and she offered it to the lotus feet of Srimati Radhika. In the vedic literature highly expert scholars have declared her to be Sri Krishna’s pastime potency. She is in charge of one special department, arranging the very sweet, amorous, and confidential pastimes of Radha-Krishna in the groves of Vrindavana. By her order Vrindavana looks beautifully decorated with all the qualities of the spring season. The flower blossoms spread their fragrance everywhere, the wind blows a cool breeze, the bumblebees are maddened and intoxicated by the sweet honey of the blooming lotus flowers, and the peacocks and deer are dancing here and there. Furthermore, by the grace of Vrinda Devi, Vrindavana becomes so very beautiful that it provides the most wonderful playground and setting for Radha and Krishna’s
pastimes. Krsna sees Himself indebted to Vrinda because she serves in such a magnificent way utilizing all paraphernalia. In this way, Krsna always thinks that He cannot repay her.
Vrinda is always serving Sri Radha and Krsna conjugal in Goloka Vrindavana and in this world she assumes the form of the renowned Tulasi tree. By taking shelter under her guidance and worshiping her in ones home, she can engage one in the service to their Lorships Sri Sri Radha-Krishna.

Large Vrinda
21 inches tall...