Large Balarama


“Balarama is the first manifestation of the vaibhava feature of Krsna. Sri Balaram and Krsna
have different bodily colors, but otherwise Sri Balarama is equal to Krsna in all respects.” CC
Sri Balarama is also known as Baladeva, Balabhadra, and Halayudha. He is the elder brother of Sri Krishna.
Sri Balarama possesses qualities like Krsna and is the fountainhead or prime source of the all-embracing,
all-pervading and all-extending energy. On his brilliant white body, which is compared to the beauty of a white
lotus flower, he wears garments the color of a fresh blue rain cloud and the color of the sacred Yamuna River just
for Krsna’s pleasure. One time during Krsna’s pastimes Sri Radha gave her blue chaddar to Sri Krsna and then
later Krsna is accused and questioned, “Oh, Krsna! Who’s chaddar is this that you have?” Because Lord Balarama
wears blue garments just to please Krsna, Krsna is able to say, “It is my brother Balarama’s chaddar.” In this way
he is able to conceal the identity of the real owner.
Sri Balarama carries a plow and mushal that represent 2 things. Lord Balarama’s main
business is to prepare all the souls to become engaged in their constitutional position. That is the
conception he has, to serve and please Krsna in every way and form. Sri Balarama uses his mushal
to remove all the anarthas (unwanted impediments in the path of devotion) within the jiva (living
entity). He also uses his plow to cultivate the field in the heart. In other words he prepares the
heart for the seed of bhakti (devotion) to grow. Thus he engages all the souls in Krsna’s service.
Lord Balarama is the origin and last limit of all gurutattva. He serves Krsna in all the 4
different rasa’s or loving exchanges. In Shanta-rasa he serves by manifesting himself as the holy
Dham, the bodies of all associates and the periphanelia of Krsna like his shoes, bed, etc. Balarama
serves in Dasya-rasa by acting as Rama’s younger brother Laxman. He serves and obeys the most
difficult tasks. Furthurmore, he serves in Sakhya-rasa as Balabhadra by always arranging games
for Sri Krsna and all the cowherd boys to play. Sri Balarama serves in Vatsalya-rasa by showing
his parental affection and great mood of protection towards Krsna. One example of this mood is
when Balarama sent Subal Sakha to tell Krsna not to go Kaliya Lake because of the danger of the
Kaliya snake. Finally, in Madhurya-rasa, He serves Sri Krsna as Ananga-Manjari by arranging all
the intimate pastimes between the divine couple Sri Radha-Krsna.
In this world, Sri Balarama and his younger brother Sri Krishna played and acted just like normal cowherd
boys for the enjoyment and salvation of all the souls in this material world. Sri Krishna and Balaram engaged in
extraordinary activities like the killing of many demons who came to cause disturbances in the peaceful land of Sri
Vrindavana. Balarama along with Krishna would roam throughout the beautiful land of Vrndavana. Accompanied
by all the cowherd boys they herded the cows while Krishna played on His flute. The Vrndavana forest is sanctified
as the clear mind of a devotee where the birds chirp and clear lakes glisten in the sun. Sweet-fragranced breezes
always blow refreshing the mind and body. Seeing this favorable situation, Krishna, Balarama, and Their cowherd
friends enjoyed the environment to the greatest extent.

Large Balarama
22 inches tall...