Jaganatha, Balarama, Subadra

Lord Jaganath
Lord Jaganath is Sri Krishna himself in an enchanting deity form. “Nath” means lord or master of “Jagat” the
universe, thus he is known as the lord of the universe. During the solar eclipse that form of Krsna who came to
visit the vrajavasi’s at kurusettra is known as Jagannath. This meeting of radha and krsna is very pathetic. Srimati
Radhika says you have come with opulence mood, and I am also here, but we are missing vrindavan. I wish that
you would come back with me to vrindavan where we can perform pastimes in the forest of vraj” this was
presented by Sr Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Lord Jaganath is very merciful and every year a great rathayatra (chariot)
festival takes place in Puri, India. Our heart is like the chariot, all the gopis came to Kuruksetra to pray to krishna
to come back to Vrindavan, so one can pray that the lord should come sit in the chariot of the heart.
There are many histories of how Lord Jagantha

Sri Baladev (of Dwarka)
Sri Baladev is the older brother of Sri Krishna, Lord Jaganath. Srila Prabhupad describes in the Krishna book that
lord krsna sent uddhava from matura, and now he has sent balaram from dwarka to pacify the vrajavasis,
especially the gopis. The gopis replied to uddhava, “ we are not yogi, to see him in our heart, we are simple village
girls. We are in great seperation. Our mind and heart are one, that is vrindavan. We can never leave vrindavan,
where krishna is always the most happy. As a result Uddhava failed to pacify the gopis.
Baladev saw the vrajavasis when they came to Kuruksetra and he told Krsna, “just see the scenery of vrajadham.
Nanda, yasoda, cowered boys and girls are suffering so much without you. I cannot tolerate seeing them in such a
way. DO you want to torture them by going away? I cannot bare to see their pain.
All the queens of dwarka know the love the vrajavasis have for krishna is like an ocean, and if krishna ever goes
back to vrinndavan he will never go back to them, they are thinking what will happen to us? Family? children? So
they wont let krishna go.
Although balaram never wants to leave krishna in dwarka but the love the vraja basis have for krishna has stund
him. So balarama went on the chariot to go the vrindavan and was welcomed with so much love and affection.
Then balaram pacified the gopi girls by meeting them secretly.

Sri Subadra Devi
“Su” means most auspicious and “badra” means well-being. Subardra is the internal potency called yogamaya for
the land of Mathura and Dwarka. Just to fulfill Krishna’s desire she takes the position of his sister.
Subadra is the sister of Sri Krishna and the only daughter of Vasudeva and Rohini Devi. She was born after
Krishna released her father who was put in prison by the evil demon Kamsa, and therefore she is much younger
then her brothers Krishna and Baladev. Subadra is Arjuna’s wife. Because Arjuna wanted to come closer to
Krishna, Subadra allowed Arjuna to marry her.
She is the wife of Arjun. a and with him she had a son named Abhimanu, both of which are crutial for the outcome
of the Mahabharat.
(she didn’t knowthat arjuna had accepted her as wife yet)Draupadi never knew or saw Subadra but when Arjuna
introduced them to eachother seeing her humility, modesty, chastity, and seeing her dressed as a cowherd girl she
was reminded of Krishna, and Draupadi raised her hand and blessed her, “may you become a wife of a hero, may
you become the mother of a hero, may you never have any rivals.” After receiving these blessings Subadra thanked
her and introduced herself saying “I am Subadra Sri Krishna’s younger and newly wedded wife of Arjuna.” At this
time any feelings of rivalry of jealousy that Draupadi may have felt dissolved.
Sri Krishna has tremendous love for his sister Subadra. She knew that krishnas divine will is behind everything
including allowing the death of Abimanu. She never blamed krishna but rather her love for him increased stronger
and stronger

Jaganatha, Balarama, Subadra
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