Large Laksman


When Sri Krishna wants to relish the mood of service he manifests as Laxman. Laxman is the younger brother of Lord Ramachandra. He accompanied Lord Rama to the forest during his exile and gave him relief from the fatigue of wandering in the forest. He lived to serve his brother Rama in anyway possible.
Once lord Rama expressed that in the whole creation there is no greater brother than Laxman. Laxman’s
dedication to Lord Rama is shown when Nidra devi, the demigoddess who can put anyone to sleep whenever she wants, came to report to Lord Rama that she can serve and bewilder any living being but she could not serve Laksman because he never once slept the whole 14 years in the forest due to his service and devotion to Rama. One can meditate on the unconditional devotional service Laxman exhibited to the Lord and pray for such devotion.

Large Laksman
21 inches tall...