Medium Laxsmi


Laxmidevi is the divine consort of Lord Vishnu and she assists him with wealth for the maintenance of the
universe. While Lord Visnu is lying on the bed of Ananta-Sesa in the causal ocean Laxmi devi is engaged in
massaging is lotus feet and in this way, she is the perfect example of pada-sevanam, serving the lotus feet of the
Laxmi devi appeared during the churning of the milk ocean, in this way she accepted the ocean of milk as her
father. The demigods, great sages, gandarvas, and others offered her their respectful worship. The goddess of
fortune could not find anyone to accept as her husband. At last she selected Lord Visnu to be her master. Lord
Visnu gave her a place to stay everlasting at his chest. Because of this combination of Laxmi and Narayan, all who
were present, including the demigods and people in general, were pleased.
Laxmi or “Sri” is the goddess of fortune and the source of all opulence namely- wealth, strength, influence,
beauty, knowledge, and renunciation.. She fulfills all the wishes of her sincere devotees. She is known as the
goddess of light, wisdom, wealth, prosperity, fortune, opulence, and secondarily the goddess of luck, beauty,
courage and fertility and is worshipped to attain all of these qualities. Laxmidevi is famous as the Mother of the
Universe and as the most chaste for she does not know anyone but Lord Narayana. Due to Her Motherly feelings
she is very kind to children giving many good qualities and presents to them. Laxmi is described as very
beautiful. She holds in her hand a garland of lotus flowers symbolizing purity, fertility, and beauty, which is
surrounded by humming bumblebees and she has a shy smile. Her waist is very thin and as she walks her ankle
bells jingle softly. Her beautiful ears are decorated by earrings and she appears like a creeper of gold. Because of
her exquisite beauty, bodily features, her youth, her complexion, and her glories, everyone including the demigods,
demons, and human beings desire her association. She wears red garments with a gold trim which symbolize
activities and prosperity. Laxmi deva is doing great austerity at Buhlavan to enter vrindavan.

Medium Laxsmi
17 inches tall...