One piece Radha Small

Srimati Radharani

Sri Krishna is by himself, for himself, of himself, and the embodiment of love. He is always relishing love,
and inviting every soul to come and also relish the mellow of love. The Supreme Absolute Truth is never
without His energy. When Sri Krishna developed the desire to relish the highest mellows of love, he
manifested himself in the form of Sri Radha as Asrya Tattva (the enjoyed) and he remained as Vishaya Tattva (the
enjoyer). Sri Radha and Sri Krishna are none different in Tattva. Of all the gopis Sri Radha has the highest
love and affection for Krishna and she is his eternal consort. Srimati Radharani embodies the supreme
auspiciousness. She is expert in all the celestial arts like dancing, singing, and joking. She is adorned with
supernatural love, enchanting beauty, charm, grace, wonderful dresses and ornaments, and all divine virtues.
Sri Radha’s beauty has been described by great personalities and poets. Her eyes are said to be restless like a
flock of birds moving here and there they playfully wonder in all directions. Her fair complexion resembles saffron
which has been ground on a slab of gold and her smiling lotus face controls Sri Krishna. Her long-black braided
hair is adorned with forest flowers and her cheeks have a reddish hue. Sri Radha’s heart is always saturated
with great affection towards her girl friends Lalita and Vishaka who she shares an intimate friendship with.
Together on summer nights they happily take part in water sports in the company of Krishna and their other gopi
friends. In this way Sri Radha engages in many playful pastimes. She is the topmost youthful maiden of Vraja and
no one can be compared with her.
In order to have variety and multi-farious flavors, Sri Radha expanded herself into innumerable forms, each of
which has a particular mood, behavior, nature, and character. Of all of these personalities there are 8 principle
associates beginning with Sri Lalita.

One piece Small Radha
8 inches tall...