Mini Gaura Nitai

Mini Guara Nitai

Mini Guara Nitai
Lord Caitanya

Lord Caitanya is the supreme personality of Godhead Sri Krishna himself completely immersed in the mood and
complexion of Sri Radha. He appeared in this world 500 years ago primarily to understand the glory of Radha’s
love, the wonderful qualities in Him (Sri Krishna) that she alone relishes, and to understand the happiness she
feels when she realizes the sweetness of His love. In this way, Sri Krishna, desiring to understand these deep
sentiments, appeared in the womb of his dear mother Srimati Saci Devi and is known as Sacinandan Gaurahari.
Lord Caitanya also came to this world to spread the congregational chanting of the holy names of Krishna all over
the world (Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare
Hare), thus giving all the living entities of this world the greatest happiness. He is worshipped by demigods such
as Shiva and Brahma. Lord Caitanya’s bodily complexion is more brilliant than molten gold and His face is more
cooling than the moon. His cheeks are very enchanting, and his big eyes are the color of the rising sun. His
forhead is adorned with brilliantly shining tilak. Moreover, His lotus-like feet which are adorned with ankle bells
dance here and there as he engages in harinama-sankirtan and his beautiful arms reach to His knees. Lord
Caitanya’s form is that of a youthful dancer. He is the embodiment of sweetness and he steals away the ignorance
of material existence.

Mini Guara Nitai
Lord Nityananda (Nitai)

Lord Nityananda is the most merciful incarnation of the Lord. His infinite mercy knows no bounds as it floods
the whole world, none can escape him without receiving love of God. Nityananda is the son of Padmavati and
Hadaya Pandit. He was born in the village of Ekachakra in West Bengal and he is one year older than Lord
Caitanya. Nityananda’s bright face mocks the full autumn moon and his pure complexion is glistening. His
smiling face and his beautiful eyes are very enchanting. In his childhood, he would play and act out pastimes of Sri
Krsna and also Sri Rama lila with all his boy friends where he was origionally Balarama in Krsna Lila and Laxman
in Rama lila.
Lord Nityananda left his home at 12 years old under the shelter of one sannyassi and began his journey spreading
divine love to all without discriminating. One time Lord Nityananda was in deep seperation looking for Krsna in
Vrindavan and he couldn’t find him in any temple that he searched in. In this great separation he heard an arial
voice that told him His Krsna had appeared in Navadwip Dham and is waiting for him to go meet him. He
immediately went and met with Lord Caitanya at Nandana- Acharya’s home. Then he joined the Harinam-
Sankirtan movement of Lord Chaitanya. Every activity since then that he performed was only to deliver each and
every fallen soul in Kali-yuga. Lord Nityananda is worshiped by the whole universe and he is the embodiment of
happiness. He is the most dear to Lord Caitanya and if one worships and remembers him he will receive pure
bhakti (devotion) to Sri Krishna.
He delivered jivas through accpected and unacpected pastime s with lordC and his associates. Unaccpected
pastimes such as once out of ecstacy of gaura prema he ran completely naked to see lord Caitanya, or once he was
riding on a crocadile, once he entered into a wine shop, and as an avadhuta sannyasi he asked a muslim girl to
marry him. As a renounced sannyasi he decorated himself with jewels, necklaces, bracelets, rings and bewildered
the brahmanas.

Mini Gaura Nitai
7 inches tall...
Mini Guara Nitai