Small Nrsimha angry

Lord Nrsimha

Krishna appears as Narasimhadev to protect his devotees due to any intolerable offences commited towards them. He takes the form of half-man and half-lion. At the end of every yuga there is an annihilation and at the end of Brahma’s life the whole universe is annihilated. Even when this happens the problem of material existence and the cycle of birth and death remains within the hearts of the living entities. Lord Narasimha deva appears to destroy the entire subtle and gross bodies of the living entities and to give liberation. He thus exibits his highest merciful nature in his angry form. By worshiping Lord Narasimha one will always be protected on the spiritual path of devotion.

Angry- In this form, Narasimha has come to kill the demon Hiranyakasipu and he is at his full height of anger. At this time no one could pacify Him accept Prahlad.

Smiling-After the Lord killed the demon Hiranyakasipu many people tried to appease the lord, but only his devotee Prahalad was able to pacify him. In this form the Lord is calm and very pleased by Prahlads prayers .

Small Nrsimha angry
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